About the Book

There was one surefire way to become a recognized stand-up comedian in West Africa back in the day, and that was performing on the biggest comedy stage—a concert tagged “Night of a Thousand Laughs.”

That feat, however, was easier said than done.

You had to grab one of the few rookie spots available every year—and that did not mean performing in front of Simon Cowell and his friends on American Idol.

Auditions were held in a bar in the middle of the night with established members of the Nigerian entertainment industry. By the time you were called to perform, they were likely drunk or even high.

It didn’t seem like an audition as much as it did an inquisition. It was as if an unspoken question hung in the air: How dare you assume that you are funny enough to be a comedian?

In this book, Teju ‘Babyface’ Oyelakin shares how an unlikely fresh-faced newbie became one of Africa’s foremost stand-up comedians and most successful talk show hosts—as well as twenty-three secrets that anyone can use to make money with their talent and live out their dreams.

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