Secrets of the Streets

Twenty-Three Secrets for Making Money with Your Talent That You Will Never Learn in School

Literally, being a comedian/emcee was about the only viable option I had. It was the low-hanging fruit, and even though I kept second-guessing it, I really had no choice but to reach for it and pluck it.

I am willing to bet that you are not exactly rolling around in viable options at the moment, are you? Chances are that if you are seriously contemplating going into a particular industry, it is about the only viable option you have. I am assuming, of course, that I am talking to someone who is truthful with himself or herself.

Kick the doubts into a corner, will you?

This is only your first step. It is literally a means to an end and not an end in itself. Chances are that where you are starting out in your industry is not where you will end up. Here I am twenty years later, and even though I will probably always be remembered as one who plied the trade successfully once upon a time, I am hardly a career stand-up comedian anymore.

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